BREEAM WAT 03 – Major Water Leak Detection Systems

BREEAM WAT 03 – Major Water Leak Detection Systems

Our new i-Zone Touch control panel will allow users to meet the BREEAM WAT 03 criteria shown below.

One credit

1. A leak detection system which is capable of detecting a major water leak on the mains water supply within the building and between the building and the utilities water meter.

2. The leak detection system is:

  • Audible when activated
  • Activated when the flow of water passing through the water meter/data logger is at a flow rate above a preset maximum for a preset period of time
  • Able to identify different flow and therefore leakage rates, e.g. continuous, high and/or low level, over set time periods
  • Programmable to suit the owner/occupiers’ water consumption criteria
  • Where applicable, designed to avoid false alarms caused by normal operation of large water consuming plant such as chillers.

Features of the pulse flow section of our i-Zone Touch panel are:

  • Facility to monitor two pulse flow meters.
  • Relay output to control a solenoid valve.
  • Selectable pulse per litre settings for all size of meters.
  • Alarm override function.
  • High & Low flow default settings.
  • Every day is split into 24 individually programmable hours for full control.
  • 7 or 28 day Learn programme with simultaneous default monitoring.
  • UNOCCUPIED mode.
  • Continuous Flow leak detection.
  • Month by month data logging of water consumption.

All the above features are just part of what our panel can monitor – all at the same time.

25 available zones also offer the facility to monitor Cable and Point Detector leak detection, Temperature detection, Humidity detection & Refrigerant leak detection.

See our BREEAM WAT 02 page for details on compatible pulse flow meters.