BREEAM WAT 02 – Pulse Flow Meters

BREEAM WAT 02 – Pulse Flow Meters

JAM Ltd are pleased to be able to supply the ARAD range of pulse flow water meters.

This will enable users to meet the BREEAM WAT 02 criteria below

One credit

1. The specification of a water meter on the mains water supply to each building;

this includes instances where water is supplied via a borehole or other private source.

2. Water consuming plant or building areas, consuming 10% or more of the building’s total water demand, are either fitted with sub meters or have water monitoring equipment integral to the plant or area (see Compliance notes).

3. Each meter (main and sub) has a pulsed output to enable connection to a Building Management System (BMS) for the monitoring of water consumption.

4. If the site on which the building is located has an existing BMS, managed by the same occupier/owner (as the new building), the pulsed water meter(s) for the new building must be connected to the existing BMS.

Below is our standard range of Pulse Flow Meters

By using our new i-Zone Touch control panel BREEAM WAT 03 can also be achieved.

See our BREEAM WAT 03 page for details.